this Web page is meant to help all those who are preparing
to take the test for the Naturalization for U.S, citizenship.

the questions and answer have been take from the U.S.
Governments webpage for Naturalization.

I have only added sound to the questions  and answers for those studying
to be American citizens.

When you see a question, you can use your mouse to click and hear the question .
Right below the question, you can click the page  for the answer. For example: the first questions will be marked with the number 1, and the answer will be marked 1A. You can also use your mouse to cliek and hear the answer.

I do hope this will help some of you with your studies in becoming naturalized citizens of the United States.


 1. What are the colors of our flag?  (Click) to hear the questions.
 1.A (Click) for answer.
 2.  How many stars are there on our flag? (Click)
 2A. (Click)
 3.  What color are the stars on our flag? (Click)
 3A. (Click)
 4.  What do the stars on the flag mean? (Click)
 4A. (Click)
 5.  How many stripes are on the flag? (Click)
 5A. (Click)
 6.  What color are the Stripes? (Click)
 6A. (Click)
 7.  What do the stripes on the flag mean? (Click)
 7A. (Click)
 8.  How many states are there in the Union? (Click)
 8A. (Click)
 9.  What is the 4th of July? (Click)
 9A. (Click)
10. What is the date of Independence Day? (Click)
10.A (Click)
11. Independence from whom? (Click)
11.A. (Click)
12. What country did we fight during the Revolutionary War? (Click)
12A. (Click)
13. Who was the first  President of the United States? (Click)
13A. (Click)
14. Who is the President of the United States today? (Click)
14A. (Click)
15.  Who is the Vice President of the United States today? (Click)
15A. (Click)

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