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Fall Quarter 2016

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Computer Lab

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You Can Too!

Classes are located in the "C-Lab Links" at the right. Be sure to bookmark the pages, or simply print out the page and circle the bullet as the classes are completed. When finished turn it in to your instructor. Enjoy your classes!

Note: Although some of the tutorials here are very old they cover the foundation principals that the programs, networks and operating systems are built on. Newer versions add back end services, additional security and user enhancements.

The foundation skills still have to be learned and using legacy products is an in-expensive way to pick up skills.

NOTE: These are posted for staff and student curriculum / development practice.


Competency tests are available in the "Development Lab" section of the site. Add a few to your résumé portfolio!


This series of classes provide a wide array of educational opportunities. By becoming proficient in these skills the opportunities for advancement in the workplace are multiplied many times. When you finish this class you will be able to create files, folders, documents, spreadsheets, databases and fliers, AND you will also be able to help others through some of their workplace problems.


The chief advantage in utilizing these classes on the internet is the inherent problems of classroom learning: students are at different levels even in the best of conditions. These computer classes enable you to plug in at your own pace, doing the same curriculum independently, so the slower students can repeat as often as needed, and the faster students can forge ahead.


Once the fear of computers and intimididation of new terminology are overcome there are no bounds to the progress that you can make. The benefits of putting time into learning these computer classes on the web far outweigh any difficulties of learning new terminology and skills. That is what these Computer Classes are for.

As a beginning student you do not have to know anything about computers. You will soon pick up what you need to know. The confidence that you have at the end of your experience will empower your entire future.


Hard work - at least at first. As you progress through the easier lessons, the difficulty will gradually decrease - up to a point. Success will be determined by "time in the seat" and putting in the hours.

In all cases, you should find these easy to read and understand and they can be printed as needed.


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